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My name is pronounced RA-QUEL. Yes, I know most people normally spell it Raquel but, I was born with this name and it came with the spelling.

I live in New York -- one of the greatest cities in the world. I upped and moved here in July 2014 with no job, no place to stay, and no idea what I would do. Spontaneity is one of my stronger personality traits. 

I am originally from Raleigh, North Carolina. Think fried foods, sweet tea, tons of trees and of course, Southern hospitality. Although the South will always hold a place in my heart, I believe New York is more of a home to me. The people, the food, the culture, the diversity -- it's almost as if New York structured it all after my own personal being.

I have moved multiple times whilst living in New York -- it appears this may be the norm for my fellow residents. I have lived in Harlem, Queens, Williamsburg and Bushwick. Brooklyn has proven to be my favorite of all the boroughs and I have made quite the home, here.

I thoroughly enjoy cooking & baking, being outdoors, traveling and writing. I often take the road less traveled. It’s a blessing and a curse. I am fascinated by allegorical writing. The simplicity yet intricacy of symbolism, delights me. But maybe that’s because I am a visual learner. I believe everything can be simplified in a way that everyone can understand. In fact, it’s mesmerizing when a writer can do so.

Cooking & baking have got to be my top two favorite hobbies. I love making everything homemade and learning as I go. I also love when people enjoy my cooking. I am a picky eater myself. Not so much picky as I only eat certain things but picky as in I am somewhat critical about the quality and taste of my food. I want flavor and amazing texture and to be shocked by the combinations of certain flavors. Food should be good and nourishing, all at once. So, I dabble in creating a few recipes of my own - be sure to check them out!
the cloisters

Being outdoors brings me an unparalleled sense of peace. Most people may think New York is a concrete jungle just full or buildings and taxis but there are so many hidden outdoor treasures. Central Park, The Met Cloisters, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and the list truly goes on.

Comedy is my favorite genre in practically everything. Laughing is something I look forward to, if not, go out of my way to fulfill. Fortunately, witty remarks and humorous banter come naturally.

I believe we become what we experience. I have been to a couple places, a couple countries, a couple of backyards. Learning from living is the most successful road to wisdom and truth.

On any given day that I am not at work, you can almost always find me at a restaurant (New York has the best food), Central Park or anywhere in Brooklyn!