3 Face Masks for Instant Glowing Skin

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Here we are, still on lockdown. I have been using this time to really indulge in self-care and bettering myself physically and mentally. I do a face mask every Sunday but since we have been quarantined, I have been doing them twice a week. I wanted to give you 3 face masks that instantly give you glowing skin. The recommendations below have been my go-to's for years now. They are tried and true and I haven't found another face mask that convinces me otherwise. (Don't fix what ain't broken?) I take that as a sign that these are strong contributors to my glowing skin. Take a look and try them out. I can assure you that you'll fall in love with your skin again.

Glossier Mask Duo

These two - they're magic. I have been using Glossier products for 4 years now. The first product I ever purchased from them was the Milky Jelly Cleanser and the Priming Moisturizer. I have loved most of their products; there are only a few that I don't like much but they are constantly upgrading their formulas. I love watching this brand grow and their process - inspiring to say the least. These face masks are amazing and work best when used together. The first mask, the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, cleanses and detoxifies. The second mask, the Moisturizing Moon Mask, hydrates and brightens. Apply both for 20 minutes each and proceed to stare at your new glowing face.

Origins Clear Improvement

Origins offers great products as well. I started using these years ago a little bit before the charcoal phase started. This mask is exactly what you would imagine. It clears out your pores and allows for your natural glow to shine through. Also great for any blackheads if you get those often.

Origins Skin Retexturing Mask

Yes, another Origins mask. I discovered this mask 3 years ago and yes, I mainly got it because it was pink. Looks like I made a great decision though because it works like a charm. Made with rose clay, this mask is designed to smooth and tighten pores. I almost always have someone notice my skin after I use this mask. It is made to impress.


Check out these 3 masks for that instant glowing skin we all want. I have been using them all for years and will continue to until they fail me. Which they probably won't. Also, see my whole skincare routine here for inspo. Sit back, apply a face mask and relax.


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