My Current Fave Fashion Brands



Vintage but make it trendy. I love everything I have bought from this store. My favorite being these wide leg black trousers. I discovered this brand on Instagram and just assumed it was like the others. Once I made my first order, I was hooked. Try mixing a couple of their pieces with your current wardrobe and be inspired.


Sustainable and ethically sourced? Sold. An Australian brand as well, which just strengthens my belief that Australia has the best everything. I normally hate wearing jeans because they never fit right. Either they aren't stretchy enough or they aren't high waisted enough or they just make my booty disappear when I wear them. Jeans from Cotton On fit like a glove and I get to keep my curves. They also have cute tops and amazing underwear - who knew? (Slouch Mom Jean pictured below)


What a gem of a store! Not only is every piece comfy, casual and chic but, Matilda Djerf is the queen of staple pieces. From the Breezy Set to the Must Have Mini Skirt to the Ash on the Go Pants (patiently awaiting this restock), every piece needs to be in your closet. Her brand also has an amazing back story - be sure to check out her page for more info. Her prices may be a little higher than your average boutique but purchase your first item and let the quality speak for itself! (Must Have Mini Skirt pictured to the right)



I think I found that sweet spot between not too cheap (think H&M, Shein, etc.) and "are you kidding me??" (think Saks, Bergdorf, specific designers). I have expensive tastes but until buying a $13,000 handbag doesn't phase my bank account, I have to act accordingly.

I am picky when it comes to shopping because it takes more work when you aren't spending big bucks. I always look for quality fabrics, flexible sizing and the perfect fit. Whether you are thinner, thicker or a mix a both (because yes, this is a thing!), I have rounded up my absolute favorite brands right now to help you with all your shopping needs. As Regina George would say, "get in loser, we're going shopping."



My boyfriend laughs every time I say the name of this store. A cute name with even cuter clothes, this store started popping up on the YouTuber's channels I subscribe to and I was immediately hooked. From neutrals to funky colors, multiple fabric choices and pics of models with different bodies to compare them on, this brand is legit a one stop shop. Personally, I suggest rounding up a size with this brand. That is the only issue I noticed after having to exchange a few items. I have a booty and boobs - I need wiggle room. (Ariah Long Sleeve Top pictured to the left)


Revolve is where I go when I am looking for quality pieces. Yes, they have a lot of expensive designer clothing but they also have amazing deals. I have never had an issue with quality here and the best part? Free 2-day shipping! I think I made the UPS delivery guy extremely uncomfortable whilst panting and grabbing for my package... Without even trying, I seem to always go after the brand Superdown on their site. Check it out!


There you have it - these are my current favorite stores. As my body changes with time, I have had to get used to shopping for my newer curves. It is easy for anyone to get discouraged when running into brand after brand that only make their clothing suitable for one or two body types. All of these brands listed above offer flexibility, multiple options and multiple models of every shape and size in their photos! I am loving what I am seeing with these brands and hopefully all others will follow suit - sooner than later. Remember you are beautiful - thinner or thicker, short or tall, black or white or purple or green - U CUTE. Happy shopping!


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