10 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

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Coronavirus got you stuck at home? Same here. Although, I can't complain too much about being able to work from home - I mean, the flexibility alone - COVID-19 has caused many restaurants/bars, stores and other recreational facilities to shut down causing most, like myself, to develop cabin fever. Instead of panicking and complaining, I figured we could use this free time to catch up on those things we always say we wish we could do but never have the time. Guys, we finally have some of that freedom we desire on a daily basis! We are legit being told to avoid commuting, practice social distancing and stay home. Aside from the overly dramatic worldwide panic our world has become accustomed to, this is kind of amazing. Here are ten easy ways to bust through your boredom.


1. Start a new hobby

Now's as great a time as ever to start a new hobby. By either trying something you've been wanting to try or simply focusing on a hobby you already enjoy but rarely have time to do. With your newfound downtime, devote some of it to a fun hobby. Paint, make music, I don't know, start a blog.

2. Organize

There's nothing quite like an organized, well, everything. Neatness and cleanliness and everything having a set place - it's extremely satisfying. Try rearranging the furniture in your home, organizing your closet, cleaning up your kitchen, taking inventory of what you need or getting rid of things you don't need. Take time to focus on tidying up your home. It is supposed to be your safe haven, after all.


3. Self-care

Throw on a face mask, soak in a bath, take a nap and relax. We are all constantly running around and sometimes sacrifice the time needed to take care of ourselves, to do so. Spend more time than usual pampering yourself when grooming, this week. Most of the things we want for our inner and outer beauty take time. Take your vitamins, too.


4. Self-reflect

Social distancing equals more quality time with someone who needs it the most: you. Instead of committing to group plans and planning your next brunch, spend some time with yourself. Focus on what you need to improve on while remaining kind to yourself. Focus on how you've been feeling lately but be completely honest with yourself. Address your feelings and emotions in a safe way and enjoy a mental cleansing, if you will. Meditation and journaling helps.


5. Take a walk

Nature is the best antidote to cabin fever. Take a walk in your neighborhood or just somewhere quiet and calm. Something most wouldn't be able to do on a normal work day, taking a walk outside could be the best thing you do for yourself. Fresh air, sunlight on your skin and the sounds of our world as your soundtrack.


6. Read, read, read

I love reading and usually read often. Sometimes, time does not permit me to read as much as I would like to - laziness could also have a part in this. Take time to read a book. You'll be surprised how much you want to keep reading and luckily, you have the time. Plus, it's the best way to keep the mind sharp.


7. Try a new recipe

Even if you aren't the chef type, now is the perfect time to practice. Cooking is fun and a sure fire way to get you fed. But, don't take my word for it. Try a new recipe you've had saved for a while. Make a sweet dessert and share it with your neighbors. Have fun in the kitchen and make something wholesome. I promise, you won't be bored. Or hungry. I have a couple of easy and fun recipes for your convenience.


8. Binge watch your favorite TV shows and movies

While there are many other advantageous things to do in your free time, we can all benefit by binge watching Netflix. Or Hulu. Or Disney+. Rewatch a series you love like GIlmore Girls or catch up on shows you've been meaning to check out. Watch a couple feel-good movies. I suggest The Breakfast Club, Clueless or Legally Blonde.


9. Do a home workout

Most of us have already eaten through our quarantine snacks and its starting to show. Not only will a quick workout help shed off any excess cabin fever calories, it will also up your mood. Try out my 30-Min HITT Booty Workout and improve your best asset.


10. Chill out

Relax. Remember those times when you asked for more sleep. Remember when you wished to stay home. Remember when you asked for more time to focus on yourself. Well, wish granted. Take a mental break and relax.


For some, this is a serious and scary time. Not everyone is blessed with a strong immune system and some may suffer more than others. Try and help out a neighbor or elder if you can. Coronavirus or not, we should all be practicing correct personal hygiene and washing our hands often. Make sure you are providing your body with the necessary nutrients needed to stay healthy. So, maybe don't order pizza every night. Just a suggestion. Taking care of others and your personal health is necessary but do not forget to focus on taking care of your mental health, as well. In this day and age, it is vital to be mentally strong so take this time to work on it and continue to everyday. Life happens and we are not always in control but real strength comes from adapting and growing.


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