The 3 Essential Home Workout Items You Need


Looks like we are all going to be cooped up for longer than expected. I know it's easy to be lazy and eat away our sorrows as I have been a victim of this as well. But, let's try and use this time to take care of our bodies as well. Not only will we stay on track towards our summer bodies but it will up your mood and help you feel better overall. Gyms are closed and not everyone is a runner so, here are 3 essential at home workout items I believe are an easy way to ensure you get in your daily sweat. Design your own workout, go at your own pace and check out my 30-minute HITT booty workout to tone your best asset.


Jump Rope

Jumping rope is my favorite type of cardio. I'll run on the treadmill here and there, I despise cycling and I love a good HITT workout but jumping rope is my go-to for cardio. Incorporate jumping rope into a HITT workout or just aim to jump rope everyday. I assure you that you will work up a sweat and feel great after.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands and looped resistance bands are recommended for all workouts in my opinion - at the gym or at home. Thankfully, these are easy to use at home. Side walks, leg raises, arm and full body workouts all easily doable with resistance bands.

Free Weights

A couple of dumbbells or ankle weights will suffice. If you don't have weights, use different weighted items in your home. Cans of soup, reams of printer paper, chairs, the ottoman, your dog - anything will work really. Some of you may be heavy lifters and not having access to a full weight room may be discouraging but get creative!

Combining the exercises executed with these items plus a few calisthenics like donkey kicks, squats, push ups, planks and other body weight exercises will give you a workout that gives you the same increase in dopamine you would receive at your preferred gym. Remember, while you are stuck at home and your routine has changed, don't beat yourself up for not sticking to your workouts. Workout when you want and take it easy on your body and mind. Stay healthy!


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