10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day, Everyday


Happy Earth Day, everyone! I aim to take care of the planet in which we all reside, everyday. No littering, no excessive waste and sustainability in every way possible. It truly sickens me when I see people throwing trash on the ground or being excessively wasteful. We shouldn't wait until Earth Day to start caring about the planet. Whether you believe in climate change or not, it is your duty to take care of the environment around you. While you may not want to plant a tree or make a food compost in your backyard, here are 10 simple ways for you to celebrate Earth Day right now.


1. Buy a reusable water bottle

Plastic water bottles have got to be one of the most wasteful items on this planet. Think about every time you go out and buy beverages on the go - that's a lot of waste! Living in New York, I like to be prepared when I go out. I bring my water bottle and/or a reusable coffee mug with me to cut back on wasting multiple bottles and wrappers. Hydroflask makes great insulated reusable bottles in tons of fun colors and sizes. You can take these on walks, when you're out for a long day, while you're at work and even when you go to the airport.

2. Give up plastic straws

We use straws a lot, even when we don't necessarily need to. Instead of breaking this habit cold turkey, opt in more sustainable straws like bamboo straws or stainless steel straws. When you're out, say no to plastic straws when you can - ask for alternatives, you'd be surprised how many restaurants are using greener products! You can even go a step further and use sustainably made bowls, plates and utensils. Coconut Bowls are by far one of the cutest ways to be sustainable, in my opinion.

3. Use less plastic (or none)

Let's just cut out all the plastic in general, ok? There are tons of alternatives to our plastic products that are just as efficient.  Switch out those toothbrushes for bamboo toothbrushes. Take inventory of all your plastic items and think of how you can switch them out for something less harmful to our environment.

4. Invest in reusable bags

New York issued a state wide ban on plastic bags as of March 1st. Most grocery stores now sell reusable bags that you can bring with you every time you shop. You can also buy different kinds of reusable bags online. Coconut Bowls makes these cute boho-chic bags that have all the farmer's market feels.

5. Go meatless

That's right, being vegan is actually great for the environment. There is so much production and energy that goes into processing meat. From the issue of animal welfare to environmental damage, eating meat isn't the best for our environment. Leading a vegan lifestyle or inviting more vegan options into your life is a great way to help the environment. Try it for a day and you'll see it isn't that difficult.

6. Clean up your cleaning supplies

Most name brand cleaning supplies are toxic and full of unnecessary chemicals. Brands like Mrs. Meyer's and Seventh Generation are breaking the norm and making it easier for you to go non-toxic. Clean up your beauty products too, while you're at it.

7. Walk, skate or ride a bike

Get some exercise while protecting our planet. This one kills two birds with one stone. I have never understood that saying. It's kind of sad if you really think about it.

8. Shop local goods & produce

I love going to the farmers market! Thankfully, we have one that opens up during the summer, 3 blocks down the street from the apartment. The produce is always delicious and fresh.

9. Go paperless with all bills

This is an easy one. Do you really need paper copies of all your bills? On the off chance you need a physical copy of any, you can always download and print. And, even if you don't own a printer, you can access them pretty much anywhere nowadays.

10. Be less wasteful

Overall, just be less wasteful. Start consciously making better decisions and creating new habits that help keep our planet safe and clean. 


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