My Favorite Sustainable Brands

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Sustainability is kool. Yes it's trendy right now but this is one of those trends where it's cool if you want to jump on the bandwagon. From my experience, there are usually two reasons someone doesn't want to be more sustainable - it's inconvenient and/or they don't know where to start. With these brands, they have made it beyond convenient for anyone and have a variety of options to choose from. I have put together a list of my top favorite sustainable brands in both fashion and home.


Cotton On

The only brand to get me to love jeans again besides Levi's (honorable mention!). Cotton On uses 10% recycled cotton in all their jeans. Some of the best jeans I have ever owned, by the way. Not only does Cotton On sell jeans but they also sell really cute clothing, swimwear, accessories and more, that use recycled fibers. Overall, a great one-stop-shop fashion brand.

Public Goods

I just discovered this gem, or they discovered me, really. The one thing I struggled with is finding variety in one place. Public Goods sells everything from beauty products to home goods to food. All their bottled products are made from sugarcane and they plant a tree for every order purchased. Everything is all in one place and literally so affordable it seems too good to be true. The shampoo and conditioner pictured left? Only $4.50. Each. Go wild.

Coconut Bowls

The real OG in my book. After I started using coconut bowls, all other things sustainable easily followed in my life. A few years ago, I really started focusing on leading a healthier lifestyle and got really into smoothie bowls. This brand doesn't just sell Instagram-able products, they also give you valuable information on leading a sustainable life and vegan recipes.


First of all, go buy this dress because it's fire. Bershka has eco-efficient stores and supports organic farming - they use organic fibers in most but not all of their clothing. They do a lot on the backend to be sustainable like use water saving technology in the making of their products. #savethewhales!

Being sustainable will require change so try not to overwhelm yourself. The fact that you are trying is all it takes to start making new, greener habits. As our generation continues to stand up for what we believe in, sustainability will soon become the new norm. With heightened demand comes more convenient options. Stay green!

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