The Sweetest Bakeries in New York

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My sweet tooth is alive and well, constantly. And to make matters even more difficult, New York delivery apps like Seamless, UberEats and Caviar have made it so I can have sweets delivered to my door anytime. I mean, is this some kind of sick joke? -- I honestly don't know how I will ever master self-discipline with this type of convenience. But you know, challenge accepted. Trust my credibility on this one -- I don't settle for less and these bakeries are my favorites for reasons I think you will agree.


Most people have heard of this chic French bakery courtesy of their famous macaroons. Originating in France, there are now multiple locations in New York and across the country. Believe me, these macaroons live up to the hype. Each cookie is a mix of slight crunch on the outside and moist, chewy goodness on the inside. Extra perk: they are gluten free! They offer them in multiple flavors and you are bound to like them all. Macaroons aren't the only delicious dessert here, either. Stop by for their variety of croissants and other pastries paired with one of their numerous tea creations.

Patisserie Tomoko

Europe and Japan meet in this unique bakery located in Williamsburg. These French style desserts (think crepes, petite pastries, mousse and tarts) have a Japanese flair that make them uniquely delicious (think green tea, sesame and citrus flavors). My favorite things to devour include the cream puffs, salted caramel nut tart, mochi, mille crepe cake and the macaroons -- particularly the pistachio flavor.

Martha's Country Bakery

I first discovered this classic American bakery in Forest Hills, Queens. I now frequent the one on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg -- there are 2 locations on Bedford Ave within a 5 minute walk of each other. I mean, this type of convenience can truly only be found in New York. They offer comfort food desserts including a variety of cheesecakes, mousses, pies, cupcakes, banana pudding, cannolis and the list just keeps going. They also have great beverages like the red velvet or nutella hot chocolate.

The Good Batch

One word: cookie. They have the best of the best. I absolutely love the Buttercrunch cookie. It is the perfect combination of slightly crunchy and oh-so gooey with this sweet, buttery butterscotch/caramel/toffee taste. In other words, you need to try it for yourself. You deserve a cookie. Located in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, this bakery offers a variety of baked goods, ice-cream sandwich cookies and cakes.

The Donut Pub

There are a few donut spots in New York that I frequent but I chose this one for a specific reason. The Donut Pub offers croissant donuts or "cronuts". If you aren't yet hip to this popular donut craze, a cronut is simply a cross between a crossaint and donut. In turn, you are left with layers of airy dough plus all the goodness of a glazed donut. There are two locations in New York but I prefer the West Village location. All donuts at The Donut Pub are peanut and tree nut free, too. Opt for the maple bacon croissant donut and you will not be disappointed.


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