Top 5 Best Coffee Shops in New York


Searching for the perfect cup of joe? I appreciate a good cup of coffee. I personally try to stick to a cup (or two) a day because it is not the best beverage to chain drink. I will also opt for tea or matcha every now and then. And, this may really shock some, I can go a day or two without it. I like coffee for the taste - the roast, the care and the flavor profiles. I suggest if you need energy, opting for a healthier source and simply indulging in coffee when you want a nice treat. So, if you are going to drink coffee then why not go for the best quality? I have rounded up five of my go-to coffee shops that will always give Starbucks a run for its money.


Brooklyn Roasting Company

It has Brooklyn in the name so enough said? I may be a bit biased about all things Brooklyn but this coffee shop indeed makes a great cup of coffee. There are multiple locations in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan, despite the name. I frequent the location in Dumbo. Be sure to stop by one of their shops or head to a supporting cafe that proudly serves their coffee. Not only is their coffee delicious but the company itself has some admirable goals and values. Brooklyn Roasting Company is their name, sustainable farming and trade practices is their game.



Doubling as an Italian restaurant, they maintain chic coffee shops in multiple locations. I often visit the one in Upper East Side and have yet to see Blair or Serena (only true Gossip Girl fans will understand this). Easily identifiable by that cute pink cup, be sure to grab your own. They have great coffee, teas, matcha lattes with a variety of milk or dairy free options and pastries for the taking.

Culture Espresso

An independent and locally owned coffee shop that opened almost 10 years ago, they have three locations in Midtown, Manhattan. They make an exceptional latte. I mean, they are spot on with the flavor. My order is an unsweetened oat milk latte. I don't normally sweeten my coffee but if I am feeling it that day, they offer a great maple latte. Not only do they have great espresso, their chocolate chip cookies are to die for! Do yourself a favor and grab one. But be warned - they are addictive.


Birch Coffee

They have tons of locations and retailers all over the city. I first discovered this gem while wandering the West Village when I first moved to New York. Birch Coffee is all about the experience so don't plan to use their shop as a workspace - there is no wifi in most of (or all?) their locations. Honestly, I'm all for it. You can also shop their online store and buy a couple bags of coffee to brew at home.


Blue Bottle Coffee

They pride themselves on the freshness of their coffee. Taste it for yourself and see. They have a couple of locations all over the world, the first shop originating in Vienna back in the 1600s. Their coffee holds a story and a purpose. There are 18 shops in New York, alone. So, you have no excuse not to try this carefully curated cup of joe.


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