Top 5 Best Restaurants in Brooklyn


I love to eat and I love Brooklyn. Thankfully, they have amazing restaurants serving up a variety of cuisines. New York has so many restaurants and new ones are constantly popping up on every block. Now, there are tons of delectable restaurants in Brooklyn and New York in general, but these are ones that I frequent. Currently, these are my top five favorite restaurants in Brooklyn. Stop by when you are in the neighborhood:

1. Acqua Santa

Authentic and delicious, this is my go-to Italian restaurant in Brooklyn. Located in Williamsburg, off the Bedford Ave stop for my New York locals, this cute restaurant features a live grapevine on the ceilings and walls. The bolognese is by far my favorite dish to order. They will not give me the recipe, which I respect, but after a couple of tries I believe I am fairly close. You automatically feel at home due to the kind service and generous portions. Also, this is a great date night spot due to the beautiful decor.

2. Sage

Thai food for the win. I live exceptionally close to this gem, located in Bushwick, and order takeout at least once a week. At least. The curries, my favorite, are perfection. Red curry chicken is my order of choice but the fried rices, noodles, soups and all the appetizers are all divine. Tasty and strong lychee martinis, too. They have great outdoor seating as well.


3. Champs

Vegan or vegan-curious? Head to this diner hotspot on Meserole Street and you honestly won't even realize everything is vegan. It is more like vegan comfort food and yes, that is a thing. And I mean it, everything is vegan. Their menu offers so many delicious options from mozzarella sticks to waffles and french toast to Nashville hot chicken and even burgers. Show up hungry.

4. Emmy Squared

Now this is perfect for those days when you want to pig out. All the sandwiches and burgers have double patties (Get it? Because its squared) so order a couple of things off the menu to share or not share. The Detroit style pizza is heavenly -- go for the Colony², it's my favorite pizza there! Located in Williamsburg, drop by Williamsburg Cinemas for a movie after.

5. Le Barricou

A great spot for brunch, this restaurant serves up a little bit of everything. They offer a wide variety of french cuisine but they are well known for their oven baked pancakes. They are large and fluffy and extremely filling. These take an hour to make so keep that in mind before you order and snag an appetizer while you wait. And a couple of bellinis because, well, why not?

Again, these are my current top five favorite restaurants in Brooklyn. This list very well may change. Or not? Subscribe so you don't miss future posts about delicious food in Brooklyn and New York!


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