master mindset 1:1 coaching

90-day program

Claim your dream life TODAY

Do you constantly put off your goals and dreams because you think they can't be achieved right now? Do you have the itch to try something you always wanted to but are scared of failure? I help you build a mindset that proves any goal and any dream you have can be achieved RIGHT NOW. You don't have to wait until you are retired, until you are older, for a special occasion or for someone to agree with you. You can do it right now and it all starts with your mindset. Are you ready to start living the life you truly deserve?

build a better mindset

It all starts with a fresh mindset. Create new habits, self-reflect and start making small changes that all add up to shape your mindset.

specified planning

What are you dreams? Your goals? Your ambitions? Let's start making a concrete plan. Let's work together to show you that your dreams can indeed become a reality - TODAY.


With a healthy mindset and a plan in place, we nip overthinking in the bud. Now we will start to put this plan in action. Get ready to celebrate as you start to live your wildest dreams!

what you get

weekly calls

Weekly 30-min calls to keep you on track and answer any and all questions. We will also stay in touch throughout the week whenever necessary.

my secrets

Learn how I manage my own emotions and steal some of my positivity. Maintaining a healthy mindset is key!

full support

You will never be alone throughout this whole process. I will be with you every step of the way.

a free book

I'll send you a free copy of my favorite book! It is an easy read and a quick pick-me-up.

a clear plan

I am not only helping you build a better mindset but I will map out a full plan to help you achieve your goals.

bigger goals

I am not saying your dreams are small but when you finish this program, you will shock even yourself.


Watch my YouTube video to hear my story of how I moved from North Carolina to New York when I was 24 years old. This is one a few dreams I have made come true. I was told by many people that it was impossible and that I wouldn't make it. I chose to ignore those opinions and went on to change my life for the better. Not only did I get to build a new life in the greatest city in America, I learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. And so can you.

WHAT YOU'LL walk away with


It may be hard to visualize now but you will gain a stronger sense of confidence. Less overthinking, less stress, less dreaming and more doing.

bigger dreams

The dreams you have now will seem minuscule to the new dreams you will produce. No more extreme hesitation, but more ambition.

a real plan

Dreaming is one part of it. You will walk away with a real plan. New plans for every aspect of your life. It does not end with this program!


A new city? A dream vacation? A new direction in life? We are going to make it happen. No excuses, just results. Results that will give you a whole new outlook on life. You did it! And you will continue to shine.

What are you waiting for? You can do this.

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