A Bushwick, Brooklyn Guide from a Local

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I have lived in Brooklyn for 8 years now and it's about time I give you a convenient guide of where to stay, where to eat and drink, what to see and where to shop. Brooklyn has amazing culture and it's a great place to live and visit. With new restaurants opening, new shops popping up and constant new attractions to keep up with I plan on updating this guide accordingly.


Where to stay

I had to do a lil' research for this one as I live here so, I don't normally stay in the hotels. The best part about lodging in Brooklyn is you get to enjoy a laid back stay while maintaining easy access to the city. BKLYN House Hotel is Brooklyn's first boutique hotel with swanky designs. If I were looking to stay in a hotel in Bushwick I would also check out Hotel RL Brooklyn. It has a beautiful interior and also acts as an event space so you may run into a wedding or birthday party. If you rather not stay in a hotel, do what I do when I visit other states and opt for an Airbnb. No better way to live like a local.

where to eat/drink

Ok, I don't want to say this is my expertise but it kind of is - food. So many delicious restaurants in Bushwick and I happen to live near a lot of them. At the risk of this list getting too long, I will narrow it down to one or two (or three) restaurants per meal.

Breakfast: Nothing says breakfast in Brooklyn like a bacon egg and cheese. Black Seed Bagels has these amazing wood-fired bagels that serve as the best base for your BEC. I order from here frequently. Le French Tart in Park Slope and Egg Shop in Williamsburg also have delicious breakfast.

Lunch/Dinner: In the mood for thai food? Sage has the best variety of curries and stir-fries. My favorite is the red curry, extra spicy. What about Venezuelan food? Casa Ora provided a new cuisine for the neighborhood and we are living for it. Pabellón (pictured left), arroz con pollo in mushroom sauce, arepas, and even baby shark. Their drinks were made in that secret part of heaven that allows alcoholic consumption. Please, for me, try the Put the Lime in the Coconut (pictured left) and the Beauty and Ruin. A few blocks down you'll pass through Taiwan real quick at Win Son Restaurant and Win Son Bakery. Pork heavy but they also have a lot of vegetarian options. The bakery has pillowy millet mochi donuts and one of the best fried chicken sandwiches I have ever eaten. If you are craving fried chicken, Sweet Chick is hands down the best place in Brooklyn for it. Ok one last one because, well, tacos. Mesa Coyoacan is a Michelin- plated restaurant and the flavor in their dishes explains why. The carne asada tacos here are good enough to eat, daily. Delicioso. If you want pizza, check out this post for my favorite pizza spots in New York!

DessertI love to order in dessert or grab it whenever I am out! Again, I have a whole post dedicated to my favorite sweet spots in New York, but the the main one to check out in Bushwick is Patisserie Tomoko. A Japanese-French bakery full of addictive desserts like cream puffs, mochi, macaroons, mille crepe cakes, tarts, daquoise and the list truly goes on! If you just want to snack on some candy, Eugene's has the best. For delicious fresh baked cookies, please stop by The Good Batch - they also have other tasty desserts and coffee. And last but not least (mainly because I have too many recs and don't want to overwhelm you!), Fat Doughnut has the biggest and sweetest donuts I have ever had - you will not be disappointed

where to shop

Shopping but make it vintage. Bushwick is home to a lot of thrift shops, a fan favorite. L Train Vintage is a popular one! Whenever I have the patience for thrifting, this is my go-to. Another vintage shop, but mainly a gift shop is Friends NYC - they have the cutest and most unique trinkets and gifts. The closer you get to Williamsburg, which is right next to Bushwick, you hit a lot more of the boutiques like Red Pearl and Pinkyotto where you can find unique pieces and more gifts!

what to see

Take a walk outside and you will see tons of artwork, and I mean extraordinary pieces - this city is full of talent. Pass by farmer's markets, plant stores, food trucks, boutiques, parks, bookstores, and tons of bars and restaurants. I love to hang out at McCarren Park (technically Williamsburg/Greenpoint) or take the L train to Bedford Ave and walk down by the water. Get outside! You find a lot of culture just by walking on the sidewalk. Also, if you are into arcade games, visit Barcade and grab a beer and some tokens. I frequent it often to show off my amazing PacMan and Galaga skills.


Have you been to any of these places? This list will evolve over the years. Let me know if there are more I should add to the list in the comments below!


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